Virgin Mustard Oil

Virgin Mustard Oil


Our nutrient-rich Mustard oil is 100% pure, made from the highest quality mustards to give you flavourful aroma and a distinct nutty taste. Our mustard oil is rich in both monounsaturated and omega-3 healthy fats and has the lowest saturated fatty content. Our oil is a great choice for deep frying, salads and pickles and also for aromatherapy and massage.

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Almonds are the edible seeds of the Prunus dulcis tree, more commonly known as the almond tree. Although almonds are commonly referred to as nuts, they’re actually the seeds found at the center of the almond fruit, which closely resembles a peach. Almonds can be consumed whole, ground into flour and even made into non-dairy milk. They are very rich in fat, making them a perfect source of oil. Sweet almonds are the variety typically eaten and used to make foods, oils and cosmetics.

Health Benefits

Reduces Heart Attack Risk
Helps Build Strong Bones & Teeth
Good for Brain Function
Excellent Skin Moisturizer


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